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The tremendous growth in the number of escape rooms in the United States means that you need to keep growing, opening new rooms and revamping your existing rooms.

And all that requires revenue, that is, more players to book your rooms.

And, owning your own escape room, you must be aware of the conundrum that a particular player or group will book a particular room once, at most twice. On the other hand your staff wage bill, rent, utilities bills all have to be paid regularly.

This means you need new players to keep coming to your room.

Word of mouth referrals will simply not do it.

You need to reach out to new players online; either organically which is what our SEO program is all about; or via paid ads, which we explore in our newsletter.

  Tips for better search engine placement
  The new Google Places (Google Plus Local Business)
  Google AdWords trends and updates
  Dominating YELP
  The best free directories for Escape Rooms
  Tips for better user experience
  How to ask customers for reviews
  Where you should be listed
  Where you need to be listed
  Get More Team Building Clients
  Interviews with Designers, Room Owners, and more

Those are just some of the ideas we explore in our newsletter

And it’s not enough to just explore new ideas.

Once your ad campaign bears fruit the phones are going to start blowing up; booking requests will pile up. That presents another set of challenges; and we explore those in our newsletter as well.

And in case you’re wondering, the newsletter is completely free as of now.

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