Escape Room Autobot
[for Facebook & Messenger]

The goal of our Autobot is to provide your customers with the highest quality on-demand Support on Facebook in a comfortable and friendly environment.

It is designed to help YOU escape some of the mundane stuff of your business by handling routine requests on Facebook.

The chatbot template is available for only $99 for a one time fee. You can easily make changes to it and add it to your Facebook Page, all instructions are provided in the documentation. 



Guide visitors to the booking page on your website if they just want to book a mission with you. 

24×7 Ready

Ready to Answer Frequently Asked Questions about your business promptly in messenger 24 x 7.

Offers & Promotions

Display you latest offers and promotions right inside messenger and point customers to your booking page. 

Gift Card

Guide customers who want a gift card to make a purchase right from the native messenger browser. 

Business Info

Provide necessary business details such as contact information and driving directions on demand. 


A new way to build customer lists and send broadcasts about offers, news and upcoming events at your location. 

What You Get 

Our Escape Room Autobot Template is made with Manychat, which means that we have built the bot from scratch without ever having to write a line of code. If you feel like modifying something in the bot, you can customize it to your heart’s content, add your business information and links right from the Manychat Dashboard in a few clicks. 

Live Demo 

See how the Escape Room Autobot Template is used to engage with escape room customers on Facebook and handle most of the routine questions and requests. It can even send ready to buy customers to your booking page. 

Platforms & Integrations 

This chatbot can be connected to your Escape Room Facebook Page via Manychat. The template requires a pro subscription of Manychat. 


Find out answers to frequently asked questions about the Escape Room Autobot

What do i get after purchasing the Escape Room Autobot Template?
A ready to launch bot template with Manychat.
Who made this Autobot?
It was developed in-house by our experienced Web Developers. We are the first company to make a chatbot for Escape Rooms.
Can I Customize the Bot?
To your heart’s content. You don’t need any coding skills to make changes to the bot.
What if I need any help after purchasing?
Usually the customization process is simple. However if you need help you can contact us at p[@] to ask about additional customization or development for you. Please note, additional fee may be applicable in case extra development needs to be done.
How much time does it take to launch the Autobot Template?
You need to connect your Facebook page. You will need to customize the templates to suit your brand. This process typically takes anywhere from 30 mins to an hour to accomplish.
Do I need to be a programmer to use the Template?
Not at all. We used Manychat to build this bot in a code-free environment. No tech skills are needed to run this.
Where can I see the conversations the Bot is having with my customers?
You can see all conversations in your Facebook Messages Section, or your Facebook Messenger or inside of your Manychat Account.

Want to get our Escape Room Autobot for free?

As you can see, it’s been designed not only to handle booking requests but also to answer routine queries like directions, gift certificates and allow the viewer to sift through reviews of your escape room.

Access to the Autobot is free for those who take part in our Escape Room Industry Survey

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