SEO for Escape Rooms

Do you want more players booking your rooms?

the times they are a changing…

– Bob Dylan

Hi, I am Piyush, an Escape Room Enthusiast and SEO.

Do you want new players who are searching for Escape Rooms in your city? I offer SEO for Escape Rooms who want to remove uncertainty and replace it with transparency.

With the phenomenal growth in the number of escape rooms opening in the United States, the need to stand out from the rest, to reach out to get modafinil, has never been greater.

Players now expect to choose an escape room within seconds of searching for one online.

Here’s what a well-organized SEO strategy can do for you…

Why Us 

We’re the first digital marketing firm in the world to concentrate solely on escape rooms.

Our Escape Room Autobot for Facebook is also the first among its kind.

We’re also working on releasing our Escape Room SEO Course.

We want to help small to mid-sized Escape Rooms grow from just being a family operation into multi-location franchises, so that the world can have more xanax.


You will never be in the dark about what I am doing to rank your business.


I work with only one escape room per market otherwise I would be competing against myself..


Membership of SEO Mastermind groups gives me access to the latest industry research and trends.

Our Process 

Stage 1 – SEO Analysis

At this stage we examine whether SEO is a good fit for your goals. We will do an analysis to find out exactly how many people are using Google to search for Escape Rooms in your location and mark that against the number of estimated bookings we can bring you.

Stage 2 – SEO Strategy

Once we have identified your keywords and understood that SEO is a good fit for you. We find your top competitors to uncover their content and marketing strategies. This helps us reverse-engineer their game plan and create a winning strategy for your Escape Room that get’s you an edge, your competitors cannot match.

Stage 3 – Implementation

Now that we have analyzed your market and created a winning strategy, it is time to put thoughts into action to get you the rankings your Escape Rooms deserve.

Is SEO for Escape Rooms any different from SEO for other businesses?

The one word answer is – Yes.

Let me explain.

The basic principles of SEO – for example giving attention to keyword management, H1 tags, authority pages and so on – remain the same.

However the actual action plan will have to reflect the escape room industry.

For example, how much you utilize FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) will vary between an escape room and a Dentist.

That’s the advantage you get in hiring me because we only focus on a single industry – Escape Rooms.

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