Down days. Lean days. Off-season Days. No Players Day.

There’s a whole lotta names for those kinds of days…and every escape room has faced them.

Those are the days you don’t get a cut on your rent; you don’t get a cut on your utilities but you see a huge cut in your earnings.

Enter ads.

A lean, mean ad machine can get people to click on ‘Book A Mission’ just like that. You may find yourself huffing and puffing to manage the steady footfall.

Just one thing – your ad must be well written.

You can adopt any number of technical tricks; your ad will not attract players unless it’s well written.

I will help you write your own ad copies. And I have a clever way of doing it. More on this later.

Let’s move on to the 8 Different types of Facebook Ad Campaigns these Escape Rooms are running and why we think they are ingenious…

No long winded lectures. Clear examples of ads written by the top escape rooms to give you a taste of what works!


Ad Type #1 – Happy Birthday!

This is one of those – an ad that’s not an ad.

All Brainy Actz has done is wish a player a happy birthday.

But the picture of 11 people (almost double the average team size of 6) smiling contentedly at that escape room is certain to get viewers wondering what’s so good about the place.

And to help the viewer along, Brainy Actz has placed a ‘Book Now’ button at the bottom right corner so people can click on it without having a second thought!

Ad Type #2 – Contests

 ‘free game’. ‘giveaway’.

Do I really need to explain how most people react when they see such words?

And Escape Plan has gotten both in within the first paragraph of their advertisement.


Ad Type #3 – Date Night

Where do I take my date?

We’ve all been there.

And Komnata Quest answers that question, directly engaging with their target players.

And to top it off, they also seem to have a 2-player Escape Room. That’s perfect for couples.

You know what? We’ve got a whole Swipe file full of ads used by Escape Rooms. We use it for inspiration all the time. Over 100s of them here in a PDF and more…

Ad Type #4 – Fun for the family

Whenever his guest had just had a baby, Craig Ferguson would invariably ask ‘You getting any sleep?’

That’s a central concern of every parent – how to ensure their kids are looked after while they snatch some ‘me time’ for themselves.

And America’s Escape Game Orlando has addressed that issue head on right in the first line of their ad – Keep the kids out of trouble!

Once again, an example of speaking directly to the folks you’re targeting and offering a solution to their problem.

Works like a dream.

Ad Type #5 – Tackling Off Days Head On

Sometimes the way to tackle a problem is head on.

Chelmsford Escape Rooms here boldly announces that some of their escapes are available for a limited time during the weekend.

If you can make a short and crisp in-your-face announcement that something is available for a limited period of time only, players will rush to make a booking, out of fear they’ll miss out on something good.

This works best when paired with a discount or some other tangible reward but that’s a marketing decision best left to you.

The copywriting takeaway is – you can spark interest in your rooms by merely announcing that some rooms are available for a limited period of time and within a couple of days (which means there’s not much time left to book an escape).

Use appropriate words like ‘limited’ and ‘once in a lifetime’ to generate the fear of missing out in players. And KISS (Keep It Short and Simple).


Ad Type #6 – Halloween Happening

This is an example of very clever and courageous ad copywriting.

Normally think Halloween, you’d think Saw, Pennywise the Clown..or something along those lines, right?

But it’s also true Halloween is being promoted all around us. It would be well nigh impossible to meet someone who hasn’t been met by dozens of Halloween promotions every single day.

On the other hand, Halloween, like every other festival, means parties galore.

So America’s Escape Game Orlando took the very bold decision to leave the Halloween promotion to everybody else and themselves focused on the office party aspect of Halloween.

A party booking can easily command a premium over ordinary bookings and American Escape Game Orlando went straight for that.

You can try this trick…but you need to do it right. A couple of pointers to set you on the track:

  • Note their first line – which is also their image headline – ‘There’s Always That One Person’. ‘There’s Always That One Person’ is a pretty well-known meme and is sure to draw people’s attention. And many people will actually know ‘that one person’ in their own office. All of which makes this ad such a personalized treat for them.
  • Also note they haven’t ignored Halloween completely – there is one person dressed as Pinhead.

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Ad Type #7 – Team Building Tales

As an escape room you obviously know the team spirit an escape room can imbibe in players.

You also know that ‘team building’ means corporate clients which are manna in the desert for escape rooms so you have to give these ads all you’ve got and make sure they lead to a corporate booking or two.

This is one way of advertising that fact – just give it to viewers straight; your escape room hones team building qualities.

Remember to use words like ‘challenging’, ‘creative’, ‘skills’, ‘abilities’ and so on liberally throughout your ad.

The choice of picture is dead on – a large group of people smiling in contentment after presumably completing all the escape rooms.

This will suggest to any corporate HR viewer that Amaze Montreal does take on group/mass bookings and so its worthwhile giving them a call to see whether they do corporate team building programs.

A second way to advertise that is to make it part of an informative blog post, which is what Amaze Montreal has done here.

I would not say they’ve chosen the best picture since the three characters in it don’t appear to be communicating with each other like a team.

That being said, they have done a pretty good job with the writing – by cutting off the sentence beginning with ‘No matter what industry you’re in, your business benefits…’ early on, teasing readers to click on ‘Learn More’, taking them to Amaze Montreal’s website.

Ten to one an event manager somewhere will ask Amaze Montreal if they do large group bookings or corporate events.

The ad writing takeaway from this is

  • One, whichever approach you follow – a blog post on team building, just stating it up front or anything else – keep it short and crisp.

Team building activities are going to appeal to corporate event planners and they won’t have the time to read overly large ads.

  • Two, make sure that your picture shows a large group. If possible use a picture of an escape in progress, but make sure the players can be seen communicating with each other. If necessary get a photographer to shoot a photo professionally.

Ad Type #8 – Just about everything else

Sometimes it’s just the writing style that does all the work.

Like in this ad from Escape The Room Alberquerque. Note how they mention puppets taking over which sounds ominous…but don’t give out any more details. A cliffhanger, in short.

And the image of the puppet too is similar to that of the villain in ‘Dead Silence’.

The icing on the cake is of course the phrase ‘fun for all ages’…which means you can plan an evening out for the whole family.

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