Every second counts.

Sounds like a line from your back stories, right?

But no, every second counts in customer response as well.

After a visitor makes a query, they expect a response within minutes.

And the best way to do that is to have an automated chatbot. They can answer routine queries almost momentarily. And for queries they can’t answer, they can book a call with an escape room representative on the visitor’s behalf.

And this is not just conjecture. I have compiled here a list of 6 popular escape rooms that are using chatbots, to create more free time for their staffs to tend to other important things in business.

The way these work

In case you’ve stumbled onto this blog post but don’t know anything about how a chatbot works, I’ve put together a little guide on how it works.

If you know how chat-bots work, click here to scroll down past this section.

How are these chatbots created?

You create an account at a chatbot creator like Manychat.

The great thing about platforms like Manychat is that you don’t need any coding skills to create your template.

All you need is a flow chart of how the chats will proceed. Based on those you create individual ‘flows’ to represent individual chat processes and then link the flows together.

How does it work in practice?


Let’s assume you’re a new player looking to book a room at Amazing Escapes (I just made that up). You access their Facebook account and contact them on Messenger, where you’re met by the chatbot.

The first time you do this, the bot doesn’t know who you are so you’ll be met with a generic message like ‘Get Started’.

Once you click on that, the chatbot gets access to your details and welcomes you by name. And on every subsequent visit, you will be greeted by your name unless you sign in from a different account or you choose to delete the chat.

After that, the interaction is fairly routine.

You are presented with options – book a room, see faq’s, schedule a call and so on. Some chatbots confirm the booking within Messenger, other send you to the escape room website.

You can interact with it, for example asking it whether Amazing Escapes allows corporate bookings. Most chatbots can handle these kinds of routine enquries.

If you want to learn how to integrate your own chatbot in your escape room, you can download this quick-start guide here. It will get you upto speed in 10 minutes. Check it our here. 

Here’s an example of 6 Escape Rooms using Chatbots in their business…

Here they are…

Adventure Rooms Canada

It’s a fairly typical chat process. The takeaway from this is that they have remembered to place their feature of a ‘duel game’ within the chatbot options.

If you have any such feature that you’re offering as a premium service, remember to include it in the chatbot in a logical manner.

Adventure Rooms Canada haven’t mentioned ‘duel games’ as part of their generic chat, which many players ignore.

They’ve placed that as an option at the booking stage, where it’s bound to grab attention.

Entrap Wichita

Entrap Wichita have chosen to tread a different path – they send the viewer to their website for FAQ’s instead of answering via the chatbot.

They also allow the visitor to directly place or book a call with them.

Escape House Spring Hill

The takeaway from Escape House Spring Hill’s chatbot is that UX matters.

Instead of going through the routine intro as so-and-so’s AI assistant, they have introduced themselves as ‘James, the friendly ghost that lives upstairs’.

This informal and friendly gesture does two things

  • Makes the viewer feel they are on friendly terms with the escape room
  • Sets them apart from most other escape rooms

Greenville Escape Room

Greenville has kept it crisp and short, which too is an approach you can follow.

Lockdown Escape Rooms

Lockdown ER is located in Spain and accordingly this chatbot can handle conversations in Spanish.

Trappd Games

Trapp’d has chosen yet another approach.

Made it clear from the start that the bot is an automated system and told the viewer when their ‘human’ team is available to handle queries and take booking requests if required.

It took quite a while to find them. But, it was worth it. Don’t you think?

If you want to integrate a chatbot in your Escape Room Business, here’s our handy guide to do it.

Also let me know your thoughts on these in the comments below. 

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