Is the Escape Room Market Growing, Plateauing, or Shrinking in 2024?

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Have you ever wondered what’s going on in the escape room industry these days? Are we expanding, holding steady, or facing a downturn? Well, you’re certainly not alone! That’s why we’re rolling out our third annual State of the Escape Room Industry survey this year—to give escape room owners and other stakeholders, like you—a data-based idea of where the industry is, and where it’s headed.

Why take part in the Survey?

We’ve done 2 surveys so far, in 2019 and in 2022. You may well be one of the 206 and 353 respondents. On both occasions, we uncovered meaningful information that would have been pretty useful in leveling up the game.

3 in 5 escape rooms struggle with creating durable room elements.

1 in 2 face challenges with balancing puzzle difficulty.

1 in 3 businesses identify marketing and tech/automation issues as the biggest business challenge.

Mystery, Happy Fantasy, and Historical Fantasy were the top three themes.

Being an adventurer and Escaping an unpleasant place continue to be the most popular concepts.

3 out of 10 escape rooms have live actors in their games.

Unlimited hint systems became common in escape rooms to boost the player experience.

Maintenance and upgrades typically consume 12.09% of escape room revenue.

Every single participant helps the entire industry by expanding our data pool, which helps us extract better insights into the industry. Plus, you’ll snag a mention on our contributor list (Great SEO Value!) and get the full survey report the moment it’s published.

Want to Influence the Next Survey?

We’re Listening!

Who better to shape the survey than escape room owners and other industry insiders?

So, please go ahead and give us your feedback on what you feel was missing, what questions you’d have liked the survey to include.

Last time someone said “Seems a pretty well-designed survey”, which felt great—but honestly, we’re looking for your criticism and honest and even brutal feedback.

Spread the Word

Not an escape room owner? You can still help! Share this survey within your network—every new participant broadens the scope and accuracy of our findings.

As Morpheus from The Matrix puts it,

“I can only show you the door. You’re the one that has to walk through it.”

So why not step through with a dash of style?

Get Started!!!

Uncover the secrets of the escape room industry!

Take the survey, spread the word, and keep your eyes peeled for the revealing results. Let’s continue to shape an amazing escape room experience together—one puzzle at a time. Maybe next year we’ll all be puzzling out clues in snorkel gear—stranger things have happened, right?


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