What the hell is SEO ORB?

SEO ORB aims at collaborating with escape room businesses to help them scale up their online presence and bookings which in turn will bring in resources for further expansion and growth.

We offer simple, result-oriented and field-tested marketing plan for Escape Rooms

I’ve been working as a Digital Marketer since 2013, and thus far I have managed to help 57 clients bring in $1,206,762 in revenue.

It hasn’t always been easy.

I’ve screwed up often enough which has cost me money and thinned my clients’ patience.

However I’ve taken all of that as a learning process.

Whatever I was doing piecemeal, I divvied up among three heads (Conversion Rate Optimization, Traffic Acquisition & Retention and Reputation Management) to form holistic result-oriented services that drive sales and boost revenue.


What’s the single most important point that sets me apart?


One, I respect your time and would frame any collaboration on what you need, which is why I schedule a consultation before getting clients onboard.

Two, I make it a point to not work with more than one client per geographic location. To do otherwise would represent a conflict of interest since I would be effectively working against myself when I work with the clients to boost their marketing.

Three, my idea is to work with you, to collaborate on your escape room marketing strategy. Whatever we do will be a two-way process. I have always felt a two-way process works better at developing a holistic marketing strategy than a one-way process.

And finally I don’t market myself and I don’t engage in any feel good banter. Whatever I discuss with you will be clear cut marketing advice.


Why I Do It


I’ve been a gaming buff (read addict) since my teen years. Counter Strike, World of War Craft, Call of Duty, DOTA, Prince of Persia – you name it, I’ve played it.

Apart from video games, I am also a board game addict and I just love to play any new game I can get my hands on.

And it was the game-like aspects of escape rooms – the role playing, the need for quick decisions and the need to withstand time pressure – that led me to love escape rooms.

For years I worked as a copywriter for any niche – be it dentists or be it locksmiths – that needed copywriting services to sustain my gaming.

However eventually I zeroed in on this one industry – escape rooms – and developed SEO ORB as a one stop shop for the entire digital marketing needs an escape room may have.


Think that’s a horror movie set? Think again – that’s an escape room.
image courtesy – narcity.com

The global escape room market is not what it was even 5 years ago.
Then, just setting up an escape room with a few riddles lifted from a Google search and a series of locks would have sufficed.
Now, that just will not do.
Not only do you need quality design and immersive story lines but you also need a marketing program to set yourself apart from the rest.
And without new players and more revenue, you won’t really be able to finance high quality escapes and open new rooms.
And it’s here that I want to help you.
Specifically, I want to collaborate with you in two areas…

   One, making more and more people notice you online and encourage them to book your rooms

   Two, place the newest trends in marketing, escape rooms and allied fields right at your fingertips so you can gain insight into planning more escapes

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