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Are you tired of local marketing agencies that overpromise and underdeliver? Or does your “Marketing Partner” seem a little out of touch with the ER industry in general? 

At SEO ORB, we love helping hardworking and passionate Escape Room owners like YOU get at least 8X ROI in 90 days.

Services start from $350. Click Apply Now to work with us.

✔️ Proven Track-record ✔️ Industry Knowledge ✔️ Real-time Reports


Specializing in escape rooms, overseeing more than $1M in marketing ad-spend and running hundreds of experiments has given us the confidence to guarantee a return of at least $8 for every $1 you invest. You are backed by our IRONCLAD; no questions asked, 100% money-back guarantee

Ditch the guesswork, stop depending on unconfident providers and quit going through a never-ending cycle of trying to figure out everything yourself.

Instead, let SEO ORB grow your business. 

The Ultimate Escape Room Marketing Playbook

Uncover proven marketing strategies used by top escape rooms from all around the world, and how to use them. Even if you don’t have a single marketing bone in your body!



Escape Room Marketing Case Study - Up To 50% Increase In Revenue Year Over Year

Take a peek behind the scenes as we show you the exact strategies we used to grow an escape room’s traffic from 2500 to 7000 visitors a month and increase their revenue by 50%.




starting from $350

Website Design

Are you looking for an awesome escape room website design? We will create a website that automatically converts new visitors into leads and leads into customers of your business. 

Local SEO

Consistently drive high-quality buyer traffic to your website from Google searches for escape room terms, team building, birthday parties, things to do and more…

Google Ads

Get an unparalleled return on investment on your Google Ads campaigns with our tried and tested strategies that get our clients anywhere from 5x to 40x ROI. 

Facebook Ads

Are you looking to market your escape room on Facebook? Tap into the power of Facebook and Instagram to get in front of new customers. 


Want to harness the power of content for your escape room business but not sure how to get started? Take advantage of our blogging services. 

Conversion Tracking

Track the performance of your marketing campaigns with our conversion tracking. Get a clear picture of your campaign’s performance – starting today.


Get real-time intelligence on how well your seo, content and paid marketing campaigns are performing with our reports, and make data-driven decisions about your escape room business. 

escape room marketing reports

✔️ Proven Track-record ✔️ Industry Knowledge ✔️ Real-time Reports


Can you relate to either of these situations?

You’ve been in business for some time, and you feel it is stuck under a glass ceiling, unable to grow. Maybe, you have a day job, and you cannot give your escape room the attention it deserves.  You want to network in the local communities like other ER owners but are strapped for time.  Confused about your state of marketing and unhappy with the results you are getting.  You've probably had a bad experience with your last marketing partner and now feel discouraged about the whole idea. You want to build new games, but your revenue doesn’t support the build.  You feel like your competition is dominating the market.  Your inability to raise ticket prices prevents you from giving your staff a raise or hiring qualified staff.  You need clarity on the steps you need to take to unlock the next level of growth in your business.
Not necessarily struggling. You feel pretty accomplished, and you are doing good for yourself. Maybe, you own multiple businesses. You feel like you are overspending on your marketing, and you could curtail down to increase your bottom line. You could get EVEN better results, and you constantly feel like you are leaving money on the table. The market still has room for you to grow, but you don’t know how to fill the gap. You’ve got multiple contractors and are spending too much time on management and reporting. You want to get the guidance of someone equally passionate about the industry. Deep down. You know you can get even better results.

We’ve helped all sorts of ER owners meet their unique business milestones and challenges.

Whether you are stuck like a kitchen sink and need to find a way to unclog your bottom line, or you are already successful but want to unlock a higher ROIwe can do that for you.

FREE AUDIT (worth $1000)

Do you want to start an Escape Room business?

We provide comprehensive business insights and competitive audits to help you start your business on the right foot. Our audits will help you understand your local escape room market and what it takes to succeed.

See if you are eligible for a FREE marketing and competitive audit.

Escape Room Marketing Audit

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Our SEO rankings are through the roof, and our ADs ROI is over 30x…”

Vincent Rubino (Owner) – Fox In A Box Chicago is an immersive escape room experience in Chicago. You have 60 minutes to find clues and solve puzzles to escape the room. 

“…we were barely breaking even. Some months were profitable, and some were not profitable. The biggest problem we were trying to solve was ‘increase sales’.

I was going to Google Search Ads myself, and it didn’t ROI very well. I did a couple of random Facebook Ads as well. It wasn’t practical. Our Search Engine Optimisation was also disorganised. Before working with SEO ORB, our marketing efforts were non-existent and ineffective.

After working with SEO ORB, we got into a very profitable footing. It’s allowed me to free up my time to worry about more strategic efforts.

Our SEO rankings are through the roof, we are dominating our space for most of the essential keywords, and our ADs ROI is close to 30X, which is a complete no-brainer.

With SEO ORB, there is a real focus on Escape Rooms, and they have helped the organisation to a tremendous extent. I felt like I had a wingman there. Helping take care of one major part of the business.”

“… I recommend working with SEO ORB…”

Christal Ho  – Entermission Sydney VR Escape Rooms are a premier virtual reality escape room experience in Sydney with standard 60-minute games. 

“I knew that my website wasn’t necessarily the best. I knew it wasn’t SEO optimised, and there were a lot of issues with it.

The website was a mish-mash, the previous website person was unwell, and I was making all the changes myself. When it came to technical things, it was challenging to find suitable people to outsource it to, and the quality was very variable. It was a frustrating experience.

SEO ORB came in at the right time, and they did a great job of getting the website going and getting it SEO Optimized and increasing our organic traffic and taking over the advertising and other aspects of the business.

We are a VR Escape Room, so it’s a little different than Physical Escape Rooms, and breaking into the market is a challenge, but we are pulling in 6.5x ROI from our Google Ads campaigns.

If you are an Escape Room business, I highly recommend working with SEO ORB before your city is taken.”

“… Top 3 Positions in Google and up to 39x ROI in Ads…

Sam Fok – Lost Reality is a live escape room game in Perth, Australia. They have 5 immersive and hi-tech escape room missions. 

“..before SEOORB, we worked with multiple different companies.. one from the US, a few local ones as well… but the work they were delivering wasn’t up to our standards.

From the first phone call, I could tell that he (Piyush) is passionate about Escape Rooms and what he does

We were looking to up our performance in Google Ads and Search results, and on the first call itself, Piyush broke down the concepts and explained how we should proceed

I am the kind of guy who has a lot of questions, and Piyush was patient enough to answer all of them in detail for me.

Unlike other SEO people who are reluctant to explain what they are doing, Piyush maintained complete transparency from the get.

After the first month itself, we started seeing results from Google Ads. Previously with other agencies, they would run through the monthly budget without any conversions to show…

After a few more months we started going up in ranking as well and to this day, we are like Top 3 in Perth.

If you are looking for someone to manage your SEO side of things or your online presence, I recommend setting up a call with SEO ORB…”

The SEO ORB Guarantee


Stay on top of your numbers 24×7. With our transparent real-time reports, experience ultimate peace of mind with live data on what’s going on in your business. Access it from anywhere, on any device and at any time. 

✔️ Proven Track-record ✔️ Industry Knowledge ✔️ Real-time Reports

escape room marketing reports



You read that right.

We often turn down business – due to our no-compete policy!

When we partner with an “Escape Room” business, we aim to make them the #1 Escape Room in their market. 

We cannot achieve exact results for two businesses in the same location. 

Once we partner with you, we will never work with your competition. 

escape room marketing resources


Our clients get unlimited access to our escape room resources worth $1029 in the SEO ORB Vault. You won’t find these resources anywhere else.


A widespread belief that plagues the escape room industry is that people will automatically come if you build amazing escape games. It may be true for some people, but this mindset is the easiest way to shoot yourself in the foot for most.

You’ve spent your blood, sweat and tears on building your business, but what are you genuinely doing to get the word out there? A good game will collect dust (and cobwebs) if people don’t know about it. Especially in low awareness or high competition markets – both come with their unique set of challenges.


Getting an escape room up and running is a challenge, and now you find yourself confused about all these marketing terms. You do not have clarity on your next steps.

You want to maximise profits from your business, but there’s too much going on, and you aren’t sure which levers to pull. When you look at your advertising dashboards, you feel stuck inside a room – not sure if you’re making the best use of your capital or where there is room for growth.

Maybe your market is wholly dominated by multi-location franchises or big whale competitors with large pockets. You are worried that you cannot increase your ticket pricing, which is holding you from giving your employees a raise or hiring qualified game masters in the first place.


You want to build new games or improve your existing games – but your current revenue doesn’t support the build. You don’t have to face these challenges on your own. With SEO ORB, it will be like you have a wingman who is helping look after a significant part of your escape room business and giving you guidance, every step of the way.


Have you had a terrible marketing outsourcing experience? and now you are too afraid to commit to another relationship? It’s too emotionally taxing, and you want to avoid the stress.

If that’s the case, you are not alone. And it is NOT your mistake.

We have been there, and we know how it feels. Our team has been working on marketing for escape games since 2018, and from our experience, we have figured out a few things that will help you succeed faster, avoid common pitfalls and save a ton of money and headaches along the way. 

We’ve worked with too many escape rooms, personally audited over 93 Escape Room accounts and know how to avoid the most common or rampant marketing mistakes made by Escape Rooms.

If you are ready to get unstuck and take your business to the next level, click the button below and we will see you on the other side. 

✔️ Proven Track-record ✔️ Industry Knowledge ✔️ Real-time Reports


11 reasons you can’t go wrong with SEO ORB (as of May 2022)

KNOWLEDGE – We’ve talked with over 800 Escape Room owners about their state of marketing, what works and what doesn’t. It has given us some unique insights into Escape Room marketing strategy.

EXPERTISE – We’ve audited 100 or more (frankly, we’ve lost count) Escape Room accounts, and that’s given us the ability to spot positive and negative patterns that may take months to uncover. 

TRACK RECORD – We manage 20 active escape room accounts, and we’ve been with many of them through the worst economic changes during the 2020 lockdown There’s a thing or two we’ve learnt about surviving a storm.

IN-HOUSE TEAM –  We don’t outsource work to 3rd party contractors that neither understand nor care about your business. Our entire team is in-house and all of them go through rigorous training before handling live projects.

SINGLE POINT OF CONTACT – You don’t deal with Sam on Monday, Leon on Tuesday and Ruby on Thursday. You always have a dedicated success manager who understands your business. 

FLEXIBILITY – You can be as little or as involved in the process as you want. This gives you complete control over the marketing activities, whether we are deciding the marketing strategy or doing tactical bits.

TRANSPARENCY – We are the only providers in this space who provide real-time and live reports that can be accessed on-demand from any device and at any time. No more chasing your marketing partner to provide progress reports.

CLARITY – Know the current challenges in your business and what your marketing team is doing to solve them. We are proactively looking for impeding hurdles or challenges to fix along the way. 

WE CARE – Our collective goal at SEO ORB is to promote the growth of the Escape Room Industry. We are constantly providing well researched and high-quality content for Escape Rooms in our blog and VAULT, free support to new or struggling businesses, and have also conducted the State of The Escape Room Survey twice – first in 2019 with over 206 participants and then in 2022 with over 350 participants. 

GUARANTEE – If you are in the right market, we can guarantee a minimum 8x return on your investment in 90 days, or you are covered by our no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee.

AFFORDABLE PRICING – We have affordable and tiered pricing based on your unique challenges, with ads management service starting from as little as $350 a month. 


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Leverage our suite of marketing tools and our skilled marketing team for a fraction of the cost of setting up an in-house team.

✔️ Proven Track-record ✔️ Industry Knowledge ✔️ Real-time Reports

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