Let’s face it. Running an escape room business can be daunting. 

Like most escape room owners, you probably started your business because you are passionate about escape rooms and game designing. 

Also, you might have felt that there is comparatively a low barrier to entry compared to some other industries.

But, little did you know that creating the games is only one side of the equation. 

Many people start their business hoping that “IF YOU BUILD IT, THEY WILL COME.”

But this cannot be further from the truth. 

Running an Escape Room business is challenging. 

You’ve got to take care of your buildout, and then you have the legal and federal obligations that you navigate your way around, getting a loan or even being taken seriously by banks is tough.

If you finally manage to open shop… then you need to not only take care of your games and the upkeep and refurbishing stuff from time to time… 

Even a tiny broken prop can render the entire game useless.

Reliable and efficient technicians/vendors who will be on standby whenever you need them – are a rare breed. 

And then there are staffing issues. On one end, customers may feel that you are overpricing the games, and on the other, you are stuck between the rising prices of real estate and your staff feeling that they are not adequately compensated. 

I am sure you can relate to the above. 

The quality of your builds plays an important role in the long-term growth of your business. However, unless you have a Hollywood level production budget, it may not be sufficient to keep attracting new players and growing your business. 

Marketing is an often overlooked aspect of the business, and there aren’t many people talking about it.

I scoured the web looking for quality Escape Room marketing resources, but when I couldn’t find any. I decided to create the SEO ORB Vault

Below is a list of free and paid marketing resources that can help you strategically grow your business, no matter what budget you have. 

Even if you don’t want to do it yourself, it will still save you from the horror of outsourcing your marketing to the wrong people, because you would know the exact things to look for and the questions to ask, to avoid very expensive mistakes. 

So, without much further ado.. let’s take a look at what we have here.. 

1. The Growth Acceleration Framework Blueprint

In this short blueprint, you will discover the exact framework we use to get our Escape Room clients a massive 10 – 20x ROI on their marketing. 

2. List Of Tools You Need To Plan, Build, Launch & Grow Your ER Business

We’ve put together a list of irreplaceable FREE and Paid tools that we use to grow an Escape Room Business. 

3. Growth Acceleration Consultation

Want to shortcut your growth curve? Pick my brain in this 30 min FREE 1-2-1 Consultation (Usually valued at $1000). In this call, I will take you behind the scenes of a real Escape Room marketing campaign and show you the exact roadmap to your Escape Room success. 

4. The Ultimate Collection of 1001 Google and Facebook Ads For Escape Rooms

Don’t start another marketing campaign without this swipe file. Whether you are looking for inspiration or just looking to get unstuck, this swipe file will guide you in your journey to create unstoppable advertisements for your Escape Room. 

5. 35 Point Checklist Of A High Converting Escape Room Website

Want to leave no stones unturned in your effort to capture customers from your website? This is the exact checklist you need. Use it to create a new website, or pass it on to your developers to get your current website up to speed. 

6. The Definitive Guide To SEO For Escape Rooms

Not everyone wants to outsource their SEO. That is why we wrote this ultimate guide to SEO for Escape Rooms, so that you can legally steal the exact strategies that we use at SEO ORB to rank our clients, even in super competitive markets. WARNING: Hard Work Involved 

7. The Ultimate Escape Room Marketing Playbook

Looking for ways to market your escape rooms? Check out this escape room marketing playbook for tips from the top escape rooms on how to build credibility, attract players and gain referrals.

8. The Escape Room Cost Per Acquisition Calculator

Looking for a way to scientifically find out how much you can realistically afford to invest to acquire new bookings keeping your chosen profit margin?

You’ve just found it!

9. 501 Escape Room Blog Post Topic Ideas

Never run out of ideas again, or stare at a blank screen when it comes to writing a blog for your Escape Room. We’ve given you a list of 501 Escape Room blog topic ideas, technically, you could do a permutation and this could be called an endless list of blog topic ideas for Escape Rooms. 

10. 14 Google Ads Secrets To 10X Your ROI in 14 Days

Takes only a few minutes to implement. Save 100s if not 1000s of dollars in wasted ad spend. Learn the Pareto Ads Segmentation for escape rooms and other lesser-known techniques. Instantly improve the performance of your Google Ads Campaigns. 

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Finding Your Escape Room Target Market

You have finally finished building your escape room business plan. Your games are set, location is locked in, and staff is on board. However, your work is far from over – you still need to introduce people to your brand and find customers. It’s time to find your Escape Room target market. 

How To Identify Popular Escape Room Trends

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Setting Clear Marketing Goals For Your Escape Room Business

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Calculating The Cost Of Acquiring Bookings In Your Escape Room

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Common Elements Of A High Converting Escape Room Website

If you’re running an escape room business, you’ll want to make sure your website is optimised for conversion. Here are some common elements of high converting escape room websites. 

State Of ER Industry 2018 – Owner’s Survey

Get a pulse on the Industry with this massive 70-page report that we’ve created by surveying 206 Escape Room businesses from all over the globe.