The Escape Room State of the Industry Survey

As an escape room owner, ten to one you’ve heard of Prof. Scott Nicholson’s 2015 survey of escape rooms.

I’m trying to conduct an update of the survey with a little more insight based on the development of the industry landscape over the last three years, so that we can draw a bigger picture on…

     Demographics and Market Saturation,
     New and Popular Themes and Narratives,
     Overcoming challenges in designing more robust props and rooms,
     Financial challenges and more

As you may well have guessed, it’s aimed at helping both existing owners looking for inspiration to expand AND aspiring owners yearning to break ground.

Want in on this initiative to be a part of the movers and shakers of this Industry and be a part in its growth?

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The Escape Room Industry has no doubt grown and matured worldwide; however, we feel that the features that accompany the growth of an entertainment industry – conventions, literature, research and so on – have lagged the growth of the escape room industry itself.

Two popular attempts at assessing the state of the industry were:

  1. Professor Scott Nicholson’s 2015 survey of escape rooms and
  2. The players’ survey conducted by The Codex in 2017

No doubt those are credible and informative surveys; but the growth of the industry since 2015 has been tremendous and it’s also grown considerably since the Codex survey.

It’s apparent that a new and equally methodical and credible study is needed to keep pace with the industry, and thus our Survey.

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