Top Escape Rooms Use SEO ORB For Their PPC Ads

Target keywords that bring your bookings

Unlock additional market segments

Create a better ad strategy that’s designed for success

Get super-creative banner designs for display network


We know you’ve worked super hard to create your Escape Room business – and now, we can help you reap the best results by taking charge of your marketing – and unlocking the next level of growth with your Google Ads.


We are certified Google Ads Partners


We have a specialized Google ads team – from analytics to copywriters and designers. 


We’ll do the heavy lifting for you so you can spend more time running your company, rather than trying to implement marketing strategies that you don’t completely understand.


( $1 usually $497)

Get a 60-minute over-the-shoulder audit we use to get results fast. 

With the Godfather PPC Audit, you’ll be on top of your digital marketing spend by knowing:


The exact mistakes that you are making


Suggested improvements


And have a tailored plan on how to execute the best Google Ads Account structure


And recommended ad-spend according to the needs of your Escape Room


The foundation of any ads account is writing great ‘creative’ copy that is compelling and persuasive.


Getting the right account structure means all the difference between a successful PPC marketing campaign and a failure.


What search terms that have a decent volume are actually bringing in money. Working with many Escape Rooms, helps us identify and find them faster.

Landing Page

The objective of your ads is only to sell the click, but the landing page sells your games. We make high-converting landing pages.

Conversion Tracking

Get complete clarity on the number of bookings, phone calls, and contact form submissions that you generate through your PPC campaigns.


You’ll be top of your business numbers with our simple to understand and transparent reports which can be accessed from even your mobile device at any time.

We Are Escape Room PPC Specialists

We’ll work with you to create a marketing strategy that fits your escape room and your budget.

Our Process

Free Growth Acceleration Consultation (Intro Call)

Strategy Meeting

Onboarding + Project Kick-off

Monthly Reporting Calls


14 Google Ads Hacks For Escape Rooms That Will 10X Your ROI in 14 Days

Takes only a few minutes to implement

Save hundreds of dollars in wasted ad spend

Learn the Pareto Ads-Segmentation for Escape Rooms and other lesser-known techniques

Instantly improve the performance of your Google Ads campaigns


Ads That Get Clicks And Landing Pages That Convert
Clicks Into Customers.

There are some really crappy PPC service providers out there that will set up some ads and leave them on autopilot. They don’t even have web developers on standby to create your landing pages. This is a common frustration that we’ve heard from many of our clients during our strategy sessions. 

We know escape room PPC campaigns inside out. From generating bookings for your escape room to leads for your birthday party or private events services and corporate team building – we can tackle it all. Partnering with us you will be able to scale your Escape Room Business to new heights.

Utopia VR Arcade

14 Dalston Lane

Utopia VR Arcade

14 Dalston Lane

Unity Escape Rooms
Unity Escape Rooms

Enter Mission


Wild Goose Escape

Experimental Escape

We Only Work With 1 Escape Room Per Location

Yes! You read that correctly. 

When we partner with an “Escape Room” business, our aim is to make them the #1 Escape Room in the market. 

We cannot achieve the same results for two businesses in the same location. 

That is why once we partner with you, we will never work with your competition.

10 Tips For Hyper Effective Escape Room PPC Campaigns:

1. Avoid Generic Calls-To-Action – All your ads should have a call-to-action, preferably in the headlines. But don’t be afraid to try different versions and also test CTA in descriptions.

2. Add Credibility Factors – Add reviews, certifications, awards and recognitions to your ad. This builds a lot of trust in customers as they will choose you as they don’t want to be let down by a bad experience.

3. Showcase Your Value Propositions – Use every opportunity you can to display how your business is different from other Escape Rooms in the market.

4. Test Call Only Ads – Don’t assume that your customers want to do an online booking. What if they are in a hurry and want to book a call. Test call-only ads.

5. Get Creative With Image Ad Extensions – Get creative with your image ad extensions. They were recently launched, so instead of showcasing our product, we used it to grab attention with our ads.

6. Use All Available Google Ads Extensions – Google ads extensions don’t cost you extra money, but they let you take up more real estate with your ads.

  • Structured Snippets
  • Callouts
  • Sitelinks
  • Promotions
  • Images
  • Location
  • Calls
  • Lead Forms

7. Choose Right Keywords & Match Types – Use tools like Ahrefs, Semrush, Spyfu, and Google Keywords Planner to conduct proper keyword research and use the correct match types

8. Choose The Right Bidding Strategy – There are many types of bidding strategies that are mostly used in Google Ads, and most people get stuck on Maximize Clicks or Manual CPC, but you need to use the right bidding strategy at the right time with the goal of eventually running at Target CPA or Maximize Conversions.

9. Routine Optimisation Is Key – You should have a daily, weekly, and monthly ads optimization strategy depending on the budget that you are spending. The more you are able to optimize your campaigns, the better your campaigns should perform.

10. Create A High-converting Landing Page – Focus on creating a high converting landing page with all the trust factors that you can provide, unique selling points about your business, and all-important business details and FAQs that answer all possible.

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