NOTE: We are conducting the survey in Mar-Apr 2022, and we’ve given the name Survey 2021, as this year is not yet complete. We’ve had discussions with a lot of people around this and will be changing the name to ER Industry Survey 2022 Q1, as that would be a better representation. 

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Survey Update #3 - 15-04-2022

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Survey Update #2 - 28-03-2022
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Survey Update #1 - 22-03-2022
We are conducting the State Of The Escape Room Industry Survey 2021, directly in line with our 2018 Industry Survey. (Check it out, if you haven’t seen it yet)

Our aim is clear, we want to spread the word about escape rooms to more and more people, and empower more people to participate in this industry. 

Here are some stats from our 2018 survey.


206 participants

From 13 Countries & 6 Continents

608 people requested the PDF reports

Including academic researches, professors from renowned universities existing and aspiring escape rooms owners

Countless Blessings

We’ve received countless thank you emails from people saying that the survey was helpful for them.
🙏 And this would not have been possible without our valued contributors. 
Our mission at SEO ORB is to help foster growth in the Escape Room Industry, so one day, we can sit at the front row with other mainstream entertainment options like movie theaters and amusement parks. 

This data can be helpful in many ways:

  • Identifying current industry bottle-necks and trends
  • Helpful for letting new or aspiring ER owners make informed decisions
  • Helping creators and developers to come up with solutions around existing wants and problems.
  • For academic researchers and publishers who are looking for information in our industry.
  • And many other ways…
In the new survey. There are around 51 questions, ranging from “Starting a business, Daily Operations, Life After covid, Demographic data and more.
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Click to see an overview of question categories in this survey
  • Post-covid overview
  • Starting a business
  • Daily ops
  • Business model
  • Market concerns
(For Owners / Managers) Please click on this link to start the survey. Est time to complete (20 to 25 mins)


Unfiltered access to raw data from the survey (No personal information will be shared)
Option to stay anonymous.
Immediate access to the full report, as soon as it is available.
Mention & link to your website from the contributor list. (Great SEO Value)
Access to any 1 of our paid escape room resources from the SEO ORB Vault for FREE.
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What's in the SEO ORB Vault?
Here are some of the resources you will find in the SEO ORB Vault:

  • 14 Google Ads Secrets For Escape Rooms
  • The Definitive Guide To SEO For Escape Rooms
  • Escape Room Cost Per Player Acquisition Calculator
  • The Ultimate Escape Room Marketing Playbook
  • and more…

Check out the vault. 

The submission window is only open for one week to allow our editors enough time to analyze the data and launch the report.

You’ve read till this far, this is a true sign of your commitment to the industry. If you are an Escape Room owner or manager, we would love to have you participate in this effort to make escape rooms more popular and mainstream. 

– Yogita from SEO ORB